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Everything I offer here will help you reach your audience, show off what you know, and turn browsers into bucks. Check out my blogging, social media content, and video script writing packages below.

THE PARCHMENT PACKAGE for Blogging | $699

You’re good enough, smart enough, and doggone it, people like you! But, you’re getting lost in a sea of lookalikes. So, how do you distinguish yourself from the competition? You emphasize what makes you unique. By writing engaging blog posts, I’ll help you boost your credibility and bring out your brand’s truest personality.


Based on your goals and expertise, I’ll create a content calendar with relatable topics and irresistible titles. Plus suggest categories to help organize your content.


Your ideas and personal stories are what’ll make your content fresh and different. So each month we’ll chat through your topics so I can get your unique take.


One post per week, at just the right length. Each post will be audience-focused but formatted to boost visibility in search engines.


If you write it, they might not come…cause they don’t have the directions to get there. Lead your audience to your blog posts with clickable social media captions and copy.

THE RAVEN PACKAGE for Social Media Content | $397

Don’t fret, friend. You don’t have to be on top of every social media marketing trend out there. It’s all about finding the platform that works for you and providing consistent, quality content. I’ll help you spark conversation and shares with fun, error-free copy that stops the scroll.

Custom Content Calendar

Based on your goals and expertise, I’ll create a content calendar so you don’t miss important dates (May the 4th be with you), stay organized, and keep your team in the loop.

Monthly Coffee Chats

Your ideas and personal stories are what will make your business stand out from any market. So each month we’ll chat through your social media strategy so I can get your unique take.


Get people talking about you and with you. I’ll craft all the text and captions for your social media posts — Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

THE WAX SEAL PACKAGE for Video Script Writing | $50/minute

Have you heard the good news about video? If not, you may want to put your rock up for sale. It’s time to move into the limelight. But, you don’t have to be a public speaker or storyteller to incorporate Facebook Live, YouTube, or Instagram stories into your marketing strategy. I’ll help you compose a script that sounds off-the-cuff yet carefully rehearsed.


Hit record on your voice memo app. Talk out everything you want to say in your video. I’ll transcribe your thoughts, then craft a script that flows smoothly from hello to subscribe now.

add-ons just for you, friend

Unless you’re a cat, there’s no reason to squeeze into a tiny box. Customize your package with anything else you need, like opt-ins, blog posts, case studies, social media bios, or more website copy.

Copy without a website is like a latte without foam. So, if you’re not sure who to turn to for website or graphic design, I can connect you with one of my preferred partners.

Need a hand? Scheduling posts and managing comments is time consuming. I can help there too.

You knocked it out of the park! I really really love your voice-- it’s exactly the kind of stuff I connect with (but rarely write with). You are such a blessing to me. Thank you so much!

- Shay Bocks, Digital Strategy and Design

Bridge the gap between what you do and what your customers want to hear. With my copywriting packages, I’ll draw out your inner story and write copy that sounds like you.

Whether you’re a business owner or agency, spend more time on doing what you enjoy — like traveling, spreadsheets, or napping. I’ll tackle those day-to-day writing tasks.

Need a quick copy fix?

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