Hi, I’m Rebekah.

A copywriter & wordsmith, helping you share your purpose and mission with the people who need it most.

Not all business stories are epic tales of adventure. Or thoughtful journeys from rags to riches. Sometimes, the most insightful and inspiring stories are the ones told clearly and simply.

Like yours.

You believe in your work. Whether you’re a web designer, life coach, horticulturist, or cheese expert, you excel at what you do. But, more importantly, you enjoy making meaningful connections with your customers.

The problem? You aren’t sure how to talk about yourself and the value you bring to the table. That leaves your website a ghost town, and your plans to push past the limitations of geography seem impossible. 

That’s okay. I can help.

As a wordsmith, I arrange the right words — in just the right way — to bring clarity and creativity to what you do (and how you do it).

From writing stories during church sermons, to serving tables in college, to studying abroad in Costa Rica, to earning a Master’s In English, to starting a 6-figure business, to mentoring inner city youth in the art of networking, to becoming a full-time copywriter, I’m proof you can reach your dreams with a little work, a lot of passion, and a knack for rhetoric.

Especially because I’ve been there too…

I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. But, I’ve done some other things as well…

I’ve designed websites, consulted new start-ups, and coordinated a local nonprofit.

In fact, my husband and I started a precious metal recycling business, but we had over 200 competitors in the area.

We needed a way to stand out from the competition and connect with our customers.

So, I discovered what inspired my audience and made them tick. I listened to their needs and uncovered their wants. But, most importantly, I spoke to them in clear, easy-to-understand words.

Within a few months, our website ranked #1 in search engines for every targeted keyword. In 5 months, we hit six figures. And in one year, we became the top buyer in the tri-state area.

Now, I help women like you.

Through my copywriting and content writing services, I’ll help you weave stronger ties between you and your customer with each period, exclamation mark, and call-to-action.

You’ll even get some advice from an experienced entrepreneur, and some witty jokes when I’ve had a glass of wine.

Ready to get clarity on your messaging?

Rebekah has been stellar to work with—both personable and professional. She communicated quickly and clearly, asked relevant questions for clarification, went the extra mile with follow-up on an aspect of research, and provided fun to-read content that hit the mark. I look forward to working with her again.

Chelsea Hall
Content Coordinator of Madden Media

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