Hi, I’m Rebekah.

A Memphis based copywriter, entrepreneur & witty wordsmith committed to helping you bring out your brand’s truest personality with clarity and warmth.

So, what’s a copywriter?

Not all business stories are epic tales of adventure. Or thoughtful journeys from rags to riches. Sometimes, the most insightful and inspiring stories are the ones told honestly and simply.

Like yours.

You believe in your work. Whether you’re a web designer, fitness coach, horticulturist, or restaurant, you excel at what you do. But, more importantly, you enjoy making meaningful connections with your customers.

The problem? You aren’t sure how to write about yourself and show off the value you bring to the table. That leaves your website a ghost town. And your plans to expand your business are wilting away in the Memphis sun.

That’s okay. I can help.

As a copywriter, I arrange the right words — in just the right way — to bring clarity and creativity to what you do (and how you do it).

From writer to entrepreneur (and back again)

I was born-and-raised in Memphis. And there are three things that have always been constant in my life:

  • Writing
  • The word y’all
  • And an unhealthy obsession with movie theatre popcorn

The last two are mostly irrelevant.

But, for as long as I can remember, I’ve loved writing. Short stories, award-winning poems at the age of 9, songs — you name it, I wrote it. I was fascinated by how words could make someone laugh, cry, or change their mind.

But, my expertise doesn’t stop there..

I’ve designed websites, managed social media pages, consulted new start-ups, and coordinated a local nonprofit, to name a few.

In fact, while earning my Master’s in English, I met my husband (he’s a pilot) while working as a flight attendant (right at Gate A17 in the Memphis airport).

We got this idea to start a precious metal recycling business in Memphis. But before we opened the doors, we had over 200 competitors in the immediate area– so the odds weren’t exactly in our favor. We knew we needed a website that’s optimized for search engines, but could also convert visitors into lifelong customers.

So, I discovered what inspired my customers or made them tick. I listened to their needs and uncovered their wants. But, most importantly, I spoke to them in words that were powerful, relatable, and warm.

Within a few months, we ranked #1 in search engines for every targeted keyword. In 5 months, we hit six figures. And in one year, our business became one of the top two buyers in the tri-state area.

Rebekah Olsen is a Memphis based marketing agency for startups, businesses, and nonprofits. From writing stories during church sermons, to serving tables in college, to studying abroad in Costa Rica, to earning a Master’s in English, to starting a 6-figure business, to mentoring inner city youth in the art of networking, to becoming a full-time copywriter, I’m proof you can reach your dreams with a little passion, a lot of work, and a knack for rhetoric.

Sharing the art of copywriting

What happened next?

I needed an adventure! A new challenge. Also…businesses wanted in on the secret sauce I’d whipped up.

So, I reconnected with my long-lost love for writing and launched my copywriting business in Memphis.

I’ve written over 200 articles on a variety of topics including pet care, bookkeeping, marketing, travel, insurance, law, and jewelry.

Last year, I edited the content in Baptist Memorial Health Care’s new Elder Abuse Training program. The polished copy and professional design got them the approval they needed to expand the program to all their hospitals.

I helped The Pyramid Model Consortium strengthen their brand messaging and craft content to raise donations and expand awareness for their cause.

But, my most rewarding work is when I hustle behind the curtain, so my clients, like agencies or small businesses, can streamline their marketing — while making it look effortless.

Write Well, Build a Better Business

Let’s talk about you

Through my copywriting packages and content writing services, I’m here to help you weave stronger and stronger ties between you and your dream customer with each period, exclamation mark, and call-to-action.

Whether you own a business or need a writer for your creative team, my commitment to you is to be reliable, work hard, and keep it real.

You’ll get engaging copy from a copywriter, unfiltered advice from an experienced entrepreneur, and some witty jokes when I’ve had a glass of wine.

But, I’ll need your help

It takes two to tango, y’all. 

Yes, I’m a copywriter. Yes, I’ll take work off your plate and craft stories that’ll knock your socks off. But, you should know, I’ll need your help, feedback, and participation.

Your website is like a dating profile. And I’m the relationship coach that’ll help you get the first, second, and even the 100th date.

But, it’s up to you to propose a solution to your customers and make a commitment to the growth of your business. Did I mention I love puns and play-on-words?

Ready to shake things up?


“Working with you has been a pleasure. Not only are you a great communicator through written word but you are also wonderful with us and our clients. I know that when you jump on a call with a client that it’ll go well and the outcome will be positive.”

Erica Sivak, Otterly Designs

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