Not all business stories are epic tales of adventure.

Or thoughtful journeys from rags to riches. Sometimes, the most insightful and inspired stories are the ones that are told honestly and simply.

Like yours.

You believe in helping people by doing amazing work. But you don’t know how to communicate that to your customers.

Have I got news for you…

As a wordsmith, I can arrange the right words (in just the right way) to bring clarity and creativity to your message.

Rebekah Olsen is a creative content studio for savvy brands, engaged nonprofits, and strategically-minded agencies.

While earning my Master’s in English, I founded a precious metal recycling business in Memphis, TN. Our service wasn’t new or trend setting; in fact, we were one of over 200 competitors in the area.

So, I needed our business to stand out. And I wanted to prove we were the experts our customers could trust with a process they could understand.

I dug deep to uncover what inspired my customers and made them tick. I listened to their needs and discovered their wants. Most importantly, I spoke to them in clear, meaningful, and engaging words. We’re now one of the top buyers in the Mid-South.

What happened next? Well, like most entrepreneurs, I got bored. :insert shrugging emoji here:

I needed a new challenge. So, I launched my copywriting business five years ago and haven’t looked back (that much) since.

With strategic writing and creative wordsmithing, I help businesses attract more customers, increase profits, and find simplicity in how they sound to the world.

Working with me…

I love the simple things in life.

Like coffee with milk. Popcorn with butter & salt. And weekend with good book.

My writing process is the same.

There’s no frills. No missed deadlines. And no ghosting (I respond freaky-fast to emails).

You pay a fair price, get what you ordered, and see a return on your investment.

Let’s cut to the chase. Interested in working together? Please visit the Services page.

I felt an instant relief after reading the first draft. Rebekah understood what I wanted with very little tweaks….. I am picky and detailed oriented so this was a big one for me!Natalie, Designed Perfectly Events